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We are a small holiday company in Myanmar , dedicated for the travellers looking for more from their holiday than just a brief stay. We are group of interesting people who founded Marco Polo out of a deep love for destinations, cultures, landscapes and wildlife. We offer a far richer experience because we are based on a knowledge, expertise and passion for people and places that is then infused into every itinerary and experience .
We committed to being transparent and evidence-based about how we are seeking to increase the benefits of tourism to local people and places, in an effort to eliminate the greenwashing that had undermined ecotourism. On our website you can read the responsible tourism policies of all our holiday suppliers, and we publish additional and specific information on every holiday page.
The impacts that tourism creates locally do not just result from hotels and transportation – but from tourists themselves and how they act and behave. For this reason we decided that tourists had to somehow be part of the process of thinking about and feeding back on the impacts of their holidays and the policies of our holiday suppliers.
Our idea is really quite simple: treat local people and places well, and they’ll often offer you experiences and insights into their ways of life that you wouldn’t otherwise get. You enjoy a more authentic experience and they benefit from jobs, income and ways to preserve their culture, environments and heritage. This is how we think tourism should be, and we call it Responsible Travel.

Give us a call or email us, and let us help you find a holiday.
We’ve also noticed that many of our best travel memories result from meeting and spending time with local people, and that those unplanned encounters are what transforms a holiday into what we like to call ‘authentic travel’. In doing so, by meeting people who live in places where we choose to visit and talking with them about their lives and country, we discovered more about the impact our travels had on local people, places and ways of life .

Responsible tourism: Myanmar cycling tours
Our passion for cycling is interweaved into most of our itineraries and our aim is to provide an active immersion in local cultures , languages, scenery along with the sampling of delicious Burmese cuisine along the way!
We passionately believe that Responsible Tourism can be of immense help to local communities; providing income, positive cultural exchanges and an incentive to protect the natural environment. Recognizing that there is always room for improvement, we continually strive to narrow the gap between principle and practice.

Prior to our tours, we liaise with local community leaders to ensure we are welcome and in a manner that minimizes negative social and cultural impact. We visit local development and community projects specific to the region, encouraging our clients to donate and/or assist such projects in appropriate and sustainable manners.

Our tours are never more than 16 people to minimize any social and environmental impact. The itinerary for this trip, and indeed the whole brochure, can be downloaded from our website, reducing the need for printing in most cases.

We actively engage in environmentally responsible practices to minimize tourist impact upon the local habitat. We provide clients with the best information and means to help them identify and implement effective ways to positively protect local nature and communities. It is a vital ethos that can be passed on and abided by all, long after the trip has ended.

Although bottled water is preferred by most of travellers on cycling tours we encourage our riders to have individual water bottles that can be refilled when necessary.

In recent years , Myanmar is in the midst of a paradigm shift, pursuing a freer democratic political model and opening herself to the world. For the last ten years we are proud to have been providing contact between local communities and outside visitors while these modern processes were a unreachable aspiration for many. Our tours have witnessed how close interaction, warmth and sharing have always been a sign of hope for those immured in a system of non-freedoms.

The move toward a freer society still has a distance to travel. Our tours use non-government sanctioned hotels, we promote smaller independent retail outlets and restaurants preferring to funnel payment directly into local businesses.

Through sensitive hands on experience, we encourage cross cultural interaction and education between clients and the local communities. This is achieved by limiting tour group sizes, which also minimises any social and environmental impact. We also assist in the development of local infrastructure such as rural pathways.

We make sure that where and whenever possible our tours positively benefit the local community. We stay at locally owned accommodation and visit cottage industries for local handicraft souvenirs, generating income for local businesses. We employ and train local guides, drivers and assistants on all trips to ensure that the local community benefits not only short term but with increased employment opportunities for the future.

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MARCOPOLO Travels & Tours Co., Ltd.

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Tour Operator and Travel Agent


Private Limited Company

Government License Held:
(i) Company Registration No. – 4423
Issued by the Ministry of National planning & Economic Development
(ii) Tour Enterprise License No. – Kha – 1653
Issued by the Ministry of Hotel & Tourism
Area of Operations:

We, operate the various kind of tour packages and in-bound trips of major genuine destinations such as Yangon, Pagan, Mandalay , Inlay- Lake, Sittway & Maruk U, etc.

No. (87), 4th Floor (Left), Insein Main Road, Sanyeiknyein, Kamaryut Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
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Website: www.marcopolotoursmyanmar.com

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