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Our Commitment to Responsible Tourism

What does responsible tourism mean to Marco Polo and why do we care about eco tourism?

Marco Polo is a private owned company managed by qualified and highly experienced team working in partnership with professional, ethical, skilled tourist guides and hotels, airlines, restaurants, and travel agents who devote to provide ultimate satisfaction to our guests.

Since Marco Polo was founded, we have successfully been creating memorable travel experience for our guests particularly for cultural and heritage tours of Myanmar.

As tourism business starts booming all over the world as more people need refreshing escape and to learn all the diverse and beautiful cultures of the world, to explore the breathtaking beauties that would stay with one for the rest of his life, millions of travellers are always on the go! Therefore, as a travel company with high reputation and a good track record, we take a step forward in accomplishing responsible tourism and eco tourism in Myanmar.

Since we believe that sustainable economic growth is a part of responsible tourism, we strive hard to sustain the business as it can increase the profit margins of the private companies as well as of the nation, helping local people get employment opportunities, and unfolding cultural heritages and breathtaking beauties to visitors all over the world.

The more the business is developed, the more we ensure to be responsible by minimizing the negative impact on the economic, environmental and social impact, but maximizing the understanding of cultural and traditional heritages, adding more value on the significant beauties of the country, creating better income and working conditions for local people, developing the host communities and helping our guests and local people build mutual respect and friendship through travelling and contributing positive impact on cultural, social heritage and economy. Responsible tourism is a process of all public and private stakeholders including Ministries, travel agents, our suppliers, destination management companies and even travelers. Marco Polo works vigorously to educate and promote awareness of the local communities and the travelers to make sure that all the stakeholders are well-informed and grown awareness to contribute to sustainable environment, economic growth of the destinations, and preserve the cultural heritages and local traditions.

So, by travelling with us, you are exploring the untouched splendors of Myanmar, building friendship with warm and kind Myanmar people, and contributing your time and effort in creating responsible and greener tourism for future generation.

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