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BAGO (Second Myanmar Empire)

Bago was the ancient capital of Mon kings and it was also the capital of second Myanmar Empire when king BayinNaung explored Bago as a capital. During his reign, Myanmar Kingdom stretched the areas to CHAING MAI and parts of northern THAILAND and LAOS. The worth visiting places in Bago are the Shwe-maw-daw Pagoda. Shwe-tha-lyaung (Great Reclining Image of Buddha), KalyaniThein (Ancient Ordination Hall for monk hood), the four huge Buddha images of Kyaik-pun Pagoda, and the Reconstructed Kamboza-thadi Palace of King BayinNaung. Bago is located at an hour drive from Yangon and it is located 50 miles (80km) from Yangon.

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