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Eastern Shan State

Kyaing Tong (Keng Tong)


It is located 456 km north-east of Taung Gyi and 165 km north of the border town of Tachileik (opposite, Mae Sai, Thailand). Surrounding by Wa, Shan, Akha and Lahu villages, Kyaing Tong is the most scenic town with old pagodas, temples and crumbling British colonial architecture. It is also one of the most remote inhabited mountain valleys in Myanmar. Its location is doubly strategic considering the area is a crossroads with outlets in four countries – Myanmar, China, Thailand and Laos. When the British settled into Kyaing Tong they centred the town around a large, natural lake. Delaying colonial style buildings, taken over by the Myanmar government are reminiscent of British colonial provincial architecture found elsewhere in Myanmar and India.

Kyet-tha-yay-saung Maha Myatmuni Phaya

It was built at the initiative of Saopha of Kyaingtong Sao Kunchauk Intraik in 1283 in Kyaingtong, Eastern Shan State. The images was cast in five metals by sculptor U Thit and disciples of Le-aindan Ward, near Railway Station of old Mandalay, to the likeness of Maha Myatmuni Image. At that time there was yet no road from Hsipaw to Kyaingtong. So the image had to be conveyed piecemeal, by man power, carts and goodwill, it was placed on the throne on Vihara Monastery in 1288. Those who had been there have the belief would be blessed with good health, they would also have their wishes granted, and they would have opportunity to visit the Image again.


Tachileik, located in the Golden Triangle Area, is the border gateway opposite Mae Sai in Thailand. It is accessible by air or by road: about 2 hours by air from Yangon to Tachileik. The Golden Triangle Paradise Resort is located on the banks of the Mekong River facing Laos and Thailand.

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