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Inle Lake & Environs

Inle Lake


One of the most exotic places in Myanmar, as well as in Southeast Asia, is the Inle Lake lies at 30km south of Taunggyi. This vast lake is situated roughly 1000m above sea level and surrounded by hazy Blue Mountains. Inle Lake is also one of the most fabulous spot compared to the historical sites of BAGAN and MANDALAY. It is famous for its villages built over the surface of the Lake and gardens on floating islands. Innthas (native lake-dwellers) row their boats with only one leg. That’s the unique thing about it. They definitely have some highlights of the place: they are PHAUNG DAW OO PAGODA which houses five Buddha Images which are said that they were brought from Thailand over 700 years ago, the wooden NGA PHE KYAUNG MONASTERY where you can see the lovely jumping cats, and YWAMA VILLAGE. As the only available transportation is boat and motorboat, Inle is even described as the “Venice of South East Asia”.

Inlay silk woven process is done by hand-looms and all the visitors are recommended to discover that. Inlay Silk Woven longyis and clothes come in different designs, colors and price. Those will be the perfect souvenirs too. The enchanting lake on the Shan plateau is located about 30 km to the south of Taunggyi, sheltered by 1500 m high mountains ad covering 145 km. The lake itself is situated at 900 m above sea level. It is about 15 hours drive from Yangon across the countryside. Every travellers visited Inle Lake all agree that the lake gives the picturesque view and the must tourist destination in Myanmar.

Phaungdaw Oo Pagoda & its images

Phaungdaw Oo Pagoda is in Namhu Village, Innlay, Nyaungshwe, and southern Shan State. The story has it that King Alaungsithu once came near the foot of Zabu Thabyi tree while on tour in the country. At that time an ogress looking on from the bank with a child in the river. The king struck the water with his Yamahta cane whereupon the nat of the water saved the child and placed it before the king. The mother ogress was so relieved that she cut off a portion of the genuine Tharetkan tree with its fragrance and presented it to the king. The king of nats made five Buddha images with the Tharetkan, one with noble alloy Myitzu and two Shinbyu-Shinhla images, totaling eight, and presented them to the king. In Sakarit 721, people observed radiation form the four images in Thanhtaung Ward and so they dug up to find them and convey them to Shwe-intain Pagoda in Nyaungshwe, to come together with noble alloy Myitzu image. In Sakarit 1251, the images were conveyed to the permanent pagoda built in Namhu Village. They have been the since then.

Kakku Relic Myat Kyaw Pagoda

It lies in Relic Village, Kakku Village-tract, Taunggyi Township, Taunggyi District, and Shan State. The place was a border post and it was so called Kakku Pagoda. It was also said that the Pagoda was as named as it as dedicated to Kakkusana Buddha the first of its Buddha World, although it contained relics of Gautama Buddha. The cluster has two large pagodas flanked by a diverse array of 2548 smaller pagodas. It is a sight unseen anywhere in Myanmar. You can go there by boat about hours from Inle Lake.

Nyaung Shwe

Nyaungshwe is a small town at the north end of Inle Lake. It is here that one can take a walk to nearby villages and countryside’s and find the ruins of the old monasteries. This is also the starting point of the trip onto the Inle Lake.

Kaung Daing

Kaung Daing is the native village on the northwestern shore of the lake. It is known for its production of soybean cakes and noodles. There are some interesting Shan temples just outside the village. A little north of Khaung Daing is a hot spring where you can take a bath.

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