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Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock)

SITTWAY (The Western City of Myanmar)

Kyaikhtiyo is one of the touristy destinations in Myanmar. This mystical pagoda which is only about four hours drive from Yangon stands on a golden gilded boulder, precariously perched on the edge of the hill over 1100km above sea-level. Kyaikhto, the town at the foot of the hill, is about 160km from Yangon. It is an 11kilometer uphill climb for the hikers from Kinpun base camp. As the uphill ride is pretty windy and can only be travelled by the 4 wheeled big cars driven by the experienced drivers who are officially registered for the driving license, pilgrims and visitors can only go up to the top of the mountain to reach the Golden Rock pagoda with those cars. Some pilgrims prefer walking up to the top by taking small breaks when they get tired at the small teashops along the mountain road to enjoy local snacks and drinks. There are many legends about the Pagoda and the ‘nats’ or ‘spirits’. Pilgrims and visitors find travelling to Kyaikhtiyo as a refreshing and adventurous experience as the panoramic view can help them release all their stress and travelling up to the top of the mountain and visiting the sceneries around the pagoda can be pretty adventurous! Kyaikhto Hotel and Golden Rock Hotel offer modern facilities and satisfactory services for their customers.

MRAUK U(The West Coast of Myanmar )


The Golden city or the royal capital of Rakhine is another historical treasure after Bagan. Fly up to Sittwe, the nearest gate way to Mrauk-U from where a five-hour boat riding will take you to Mrauk-U. Situated in the Arakan Range and facing the Bay of Bengal, the capital Mrauk-U (1430-1784 A.D) had been a thriving city of Rakhine State ruled by his own kings. The remaining archaeological monuments are of different sizes and various types which overwhelm the landscape of the city Mruak U. The legendary Shittaung Pagoda, ordination halls and tattooed Chin women are some of the highlights in Mrauk-U. The minimum duration of the trip will be 3Days/2Nights extension from Yangon.

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