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Be a Responsible Traveller

Responsible Travel Tips

While you’re here in Myanmar

Give and buy– but do so responsibly

  • Eat in locally owned restaurants, and stay in locally-owned lodges, hotels and B&B’s
  • Buy locally made handicrafts and products
  • Never buy crafts or products made from protected or endangered animals
  • Hire local guides – make sure they are licensed and live locally
  • Pay the fair price – don’t engage in overly aggressive bargaining
  • Think twice about giving money to children – this can perpetuate a cycle where children are sent to beg rather than school

Be Culturally Sensitive

  • Ask for permission before entering sacred places, homes, and private land
  • Always ask for permission before taking photos of individuals
  • Dress appropriately for local customs
  • Learn some words and phrases in the local language

Be Environmentally Conscious

  • Refrain from taking seashells, coral or other natural objects
  • Always carry your trash away from natural sites to dispose of properly
  • Recycle and compost waste when possible
  • Use wisely limited resources, such as water, fuel, and electricity
  • Stay on designated trails and observe set distances from wildlife – never provoke, touch, or otherwise engage animals
  • Be an animal-friendly traveler; we suggest at minimum following the 5 Freedom, explained by Born Free, and avoiding circumstances that endanger animal welfare

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