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Sittway and Mrauk-U

SITTWAY (The Western City of Myanmar)


RAKHINE is the wonderful and an ancient city which has thousands of pagodas. SITTWAY is the capital of Rakhine State and has several interesting Pagodas and a fascinating Monastery on the main street. The abbot and other monks have a wonderful collection of Buddha Images and you should definitely spend some time to explore their collections. Some Images are copies but many are originals dating from the 15th century. Another highlight of SITTWAY is the beach where to sit and absorb the sunset in relaxing evenings. The rock formations around that area are interesting and it is a stunning view to see black sand beach stretches out as far as you can witness. SITTWAY is the gateway to MRAUK U. The 5-hour trip up-river from SITTWAY to MRAUK U will give you a lovely view of the river and the surrounding areas.Itis located on an estuarial island created at the confluence of the Kaladan, Mayu, and Lay Mro rivers emptying into the Bay of Bengal.

MRAUK U(The West Coast of Myanmar )


The Golden city or the royal capital of Rakhine is another historical treasure after Bagan. Fly up to Sittwe, the nearest gate way to Mrauk-U from where a five-hour boat riding will take you to Mrauk-U. Situated in the Arakan Range and facing the Bay of Bengal, the capital Mrauk-U (1430-1784 A.D) had been a thriving city of Rakhine State ruled by his own kings. The remaining archaeological monuments are of different sizes and various types which overwhelm the landscape of the city Mruak U. The legendary Shittaung Pagoda, ordination halls and tattooed Chin women are some of the highlights in Mrauk-U. The minimum duration of the trip will be 3Days/2Nights extension from Yangon.

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